Natural Wicker Dining Chairs

Natural wicker dining chairs look distinguished no matter how they're styled. Place them in the comfort of your conservatory or arrange them in your garden, decking or patio - the choice is yours!

With a high back or armchair option, these versatile chairs offer significant support. The Jumo armchair is particularly popular for snuggling up and reading.

To build up a set of complementary seating, take a look at our natural wicker sofas or sofa chairs and footstools for further inspiration. 

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Donna Natural Wicker Armchair with Inset Cushion Footstool

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Irresistible natural wicker dining chairs for your home or business. 

Wicker is elegant and delicate, but don’t be fooled; this material is incredibly robust.

The solid natural properties of the wicker, combined with the intricate weaving and interlocking design, make it exceptionally durable and an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor seating. 

These chairs are perfect for people who desire low-maintenance upkeep but still want to indulge in a bit of glamour. In addition, you’ll find that the natural wicker does not become brittle in the sunlight and can be left outside all year round needing only one aftercare treatment per year to help prolong the life of the wicker. 

We’ve manufactured various wicker dining chairs so you can select a style that suits you, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Choose a design that is both comfortable and functional, or mix and match styles to create an entirely unique dining set.

To get your hands on more of this remarkable material, browse our natural wicker furniture collection. 

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