Sealers and Cleaners

Use a wood sealer and cleaner to achieve outstanding timber protection across your garden furniture

Many of the pieces at Sustainable Furniture will arrive pre-treated, ready for outdoor use or assembly. However, it’s only natural that the timber will begin to weather over time, often to a charming silver-grey colour.

Although this weathering won’t affect the structural integrity, it’s advantageous to freshen up your furniture with UV protection oil, a cleaner or a sealer. 

Use the application kit to keep your skin protected and deliver an accurate amount of product.

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Application Kit - For Aftercare
Teak/Hardwood Sealer
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UV Protection Oil - 0.75L
Clear Garden Sealer
UV Protection Oil - 2.5L

Use a wood sealer to protect against the damaging effect of the elements.

Garden furniture is exposed to sun, rain, and frost - so it’s essential to prepare your pieces for the conditions they may face. Our sealant and cleaners protect against the elements while allowing the wood to breathe.

Using Teak sealer for garden furniture.

For the best results, always follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.

  1. First, use a soft brush to remove debris from the garden furniture. Then, if dirt or discolouration is still apparent, use light sandpaper to remove it.

  2. On a dry day, use warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth to wash the table, then leave your outdoor furniture to dry out completely before applying any aftercare.

  3. Once your furniture is dry, apply the teak sealer directly to a lint-free cloth and work into the timber by following the grain, remembering to apply between the slats too!

  4. Finally, leave to dry for up to 12 hours or until the furniture no longer feels tacky.

Don’t forget we also sell indoor furniture treatments for preserving and reviving your indoor pieces.