Indoor Furniture Treatment

Your reclaimed furniture has travelled great distances to be with you in your home and has a fascinating backstory - don’t let a coffee ring or an accidental scratch tarnish your beautiful find.

Use our indoor furniture treatment to preserve the quality of your purchase. For example, Briwax is an excellent treatment for wooden furniture, and our glass cleaning kit is beneficial for polishing glass and doubles as a sanitiser to keep dining spaces spotless.

Browse our full range of aftercare treatments, and don’t forget to pick up a handy application kit to make cleaning a breeze.

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Application Kit - For Aftercare
Briwax Natural Spray Wax
Glass Cleaning Kit
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Briwax Natural Beeswax
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Bring your furniture back to life with appropriate aftercare treatments. 

We cherish furnishings at Sustainable Furniture - particularly when so much care and craftsmanship goes into them. 

Preserve the quality of your purchase for years to come with the help of our indoor furniture treatments. 

Discover the best products to protect your indoor furniture.

Do you need an Oak furniture treatment or a Teak furniture treatment? Cover all bases with an aftercare product for all types of previously treated wood. Briwax has an incredible selection of aftercare solutions to revive your furniture by providing a long-lasting, clear, satin sheen. 

The Original Wax can be applied directly onto timber for an effortless polish and excellent results. So arm yourself with this brilliant aftercare product to get the most out of your furniture.