Our Story

Sustainable Furniture is a Cornish family run business headed by Margaret Larson. The company founded in 2007 comes from Margaret’s many years of experience in furniture retail combined with a love for all things Sustainable. Margaret started with a vision to exclusively sell products that are ethically and sustainable sourced. Ensuring that throughout the supply chain, from sourcing of timber right through to delivery in the UK, that every aspect of the business is conducted in the most ethical of ways.

We care about the impact human’s cause on the planet by retail consumption and as a result want to minimise this effect where possible. Furniture is an item we purchase and use on a daily basis; it forms an integral part of our homes.  Modern living has caused a shift to the increase of disposable living and utilises flat packed furniture that in general does not support a Sustainable planet. This furniture often made from timber which is not replaced and held together using glue full of chemicals and generally done in an extremely cheap manner.

Seeing these obvious shortfalls in this new upward trend, Margaret set about to readdress the balance with Sustainable Furniture. Utilising her large knowledge of the industry she went about procuring products sourced from forestry protected by commissions. These commissions prevent illegal logging from occurring, whilst ensuring re-plantation does. Logging when undertaken happens in an eco-manner using techniques such as thinning to promote growth of the trees around it. We also support the removal of the roots of trees from previously illegally logged ground so that re-plantation can occur, an essential undertaking to create reusable ground. Incidentally, these now form our teak root tables.
Sustainability means more than just supporting the timber supply chain; we also support the local communities to which this trade is their only source of income. We ensure fair pay and equitable wages for these communities to allow them to flourish.

Closer to home in the UK we also support Cornish manufacture from local sawmills using timber sustainably sourced from Devon and Cornwall, certified woodlands.

All of our products be they indoor or outdoor are built to last. This in itself means that the investment in timber is not for a loss. All of our products are manufactured using traditional, tried and tested methods which will ensure longevity, meaning less replacement and less timber needs to be used.

We conduct ourselves in an eco-manner where possible; sustainability is an issue on the rise with the government now require procurement of furniture to be from sustainable sources.