Planter Benches and Arbours

Planter benches, arbour seats and garden rooms are some of our most exciting outdoor features at Sustainable Furniture. 

These charming wooden structures will make a stunning addition to your garden, creating an inviting atmosphere where you can entertain guests, enjoy your morning coffee, or simply unwind after a long day.

A garden planter seat is a remarkable way to introduce additional flowers and wildlife into your surroundings. For extra flourishes, browse our complete collection of planters.

Look through our unique garden seating options and carve out a little haven of tranquillity. 

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Hustyns Arbour - 2 Sizes

From £470.00

To £675.00

Hustyns Barbecue Shelter - 2 Sizes

From £475.00

To £720.00

Hustyns Trellis Arbour - 2 Sizes

From £480.00

To £685.00

Hustyns Cottage Trellis Arbour - 2 Sizes

From £545.00

To £825.00

Hustyns Cottage Arbour - 2 Sizes

From £570.00

To £830.00

Swedish Redwood Planter Bench - With or Without Backrest

From £580.00

To £815.00

Hustyns Four Seasons Garden Arbour

From £665.00

To £885.00

Fantasy Planter Teak Garden Bench

From £740.00

To £775.00

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Swedish Redwood Arbour Seat

From £1,025.00

To £1,315.00

Hustyns Corner Arbour Seat

From £1,045.00

To £1,260.00

Hustyns 7 Seat Trellis Arbour

From £1,920.00

To £2,195.00

Hustyns Four Seasons Garden Room

From £1,920.00

To £2,890.00

Hustyns Enclosed Garden Room

From £2,980.00

To £3,255.00

Use our garden planters and arbour seats to create a cosy seating area or functional outdoor living space.

Whether entertaining guests or looking to withdraw into a relaxing paradise, you’re in the right place. We’ve created gorgeous, ethically sourced timber structures ready-made to slot into your outdoor space.

Learn more about our different outdoor seating options

Get familiar with our charming seating arrangements and find the best option for you!

Garden Planter Seats

Planter benches are a unique way to combine seating with your plants and flowers. They typically consist of a bench with built-in planters on either side, ready to be filled with flowers, herbs, or other greenery.

Arbour Seats

Arbour seats typically consist of a bench seat surrounded by a trellis or archway, perfect for creating a cosy nook in your garden. Introduce climbing plants such as Ivy or Wisteria to create a magical set-up. 

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are substantial structures that can transform the outdoors into a functional living and entertaining space. It also protects you from the harsher elements and provides shade during summer.

To experience true indulgence, add luxurious garden cushions to your order, suitable for chairs and benches.