Garden Art

Enhance your outdoor space with unique garden art. Choose from sculptures, planters, stools and dividing screens carved from gorgeous Teak root. 

Due to their reclaimed and handcrafted nature, each piece is unique in appearance and retains an organic, rustic feel.

Combine with charming reclaimed Teak outdoor dining tables and decorative benches to transform your garden into a whimsical outdoor space. 

For additional ways to decorate your garden, look to our entire collection of planters and create spectacular floral arrangements.

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Reclaimed Teak Root Sculpture - 3 Sizes

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Teak Root Stool / Display Stand - Square

From £215.00

To £250.00

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Teak Root Ball Stool / Display Stand - Circular

From £235.00

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Transform your outdoor space with beautiful garden art features.

Dressing your garden, patio, or decking is a wonderful way to make your space more appealing and pleasant to reside in.

Garden Art Ideas

  • Sculptures: Take your pick from unique animal creatures or statement Teak root artefacts. They look fabulous outside or inside, especially within a conservatory.

  • Dividers: A divider can section up the space and create different zones in your garden. This is ideal for carving out relaxing spaces or marking out areas for growing flowers and vegetation.

  • Planters: Make use of a large Teak root planter; they look great inside or outside the home.

  • Display stands or stools: Our large boulder-like Teak root stands are versatile and timeless. Use them as extra seating or to display plant pots or other garden accessories at various heights.

Each feature is made from reclaimed timber and handcrafted, so whatever you choose, you will own a unique piece of art.