Garden Storage and Bins

Browse our extensive range of high-quality garden storage solutions, bins and convenient log stores. 

All the furniture is handmade here in the UK from Swedish Redwood or Douglas Fir, then finished with a tanalising treatment. As a result, it’s sturdy, resilient and capable of enduring external pressures all year round. 

Use these pieces either in your garden or on a commercial scale. Our log stores and barbecue shelters are excellent for outdoor kitchens or terraces, especially when combined with decorative items such as garden art and planters

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Hustyns Boot Store

From £150.00

To £245.00

Hustyns Triangle Log Store with Shelf - 2 Sizes

From £240.00

To £470.00

Hustyns Log Store - 4 Sizes

From £305.00

To £430.00

Douglas Fir Log Store

From £360.00

To £535.00

Garden Log Store

From £450.00

To £545.00

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Swedish Redwood Log Store - 2 Sizes

From £470.00

To £705.00

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Double Dustbin Cover

From £475.00

To £570.00

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Hustyns Barbecue Shelter - 2 Sizes

From £475.00

To £720.00

Hustyns Smoking Shelter - 2 Sizes

From £595.00

To £755.00

Recycled Plastic Waste Bin

From £605.00

To £785.00

Stow your outdoor possessions in handcrafted garden storage. 

Often when it comes to home organisation, we think of indoor storage and tidying hacks. However, your outdoor space is just as important to take care of.

Ideal for housing logs, sheltering outdoor cooking appliances, shoe storage and more - browse our total collection of garden storage and bins.

Protect and prolong the lifespan of your furniture. 

A considerable part of our sustainability practice is to create furniture that will stand the test of time. Doing so reduces the need for excessive consumption and reduces the strain on resources.

Before we approve an item for sale, each piece is treated with the latest environmentally safe "Tanalith E" from Arch Timber Protection. Tanalith E treated timber can be used for all applications in Hazard class 1-4, internal and external, above or below ground use. 

Thanks to this extra care, the furniture will remain secure, solid and durable. It doesn’t need further treatment and can be left outside all year round.

That said, if you wish to maintain the cosmetic appearance of your furniture, you may want to browse our full selection of sealers and cleaners.