Garden Benches & Garden Seats

Taking a seat at a garden bench is a great way to disconnect from the busy world around you and enjoy quiet time outdoors.

Our products are commercial grade, ethical, certified, affordable and low or no maintenance. All these traits make them ideal for schools, universities, public parks and nature reserves.

Choose from Teak, Swedish Redwood, Oak, Douglas Fir or 100% recycled plastic - there’s something for everyone!

Plaques and engravings can also be etched into most of our benches, making them suitable for gifts, memorial benches, or personalised company branding.

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Hustyns Smoking Shelter - 2 Sizes

From £595.00

To £755.00

Big Classic Curved Teak Garden Bench

From £600.00

To £1,110.00

Hustyns Swing Seat with Canopy - 2 Sizes

From £610.00

To £885.00

Swedish Redwood Companion Seat

From £610.00

To £915.00

Oak Woodland Garden Bench

From £625.00

To £1,330.00

Richmond Teak Garden Benches & Coffee Table Set

From £650.00

To £1,325.00

Hustyns Four Seasons Garden Arbour

From £665.00

To £885.00

8ft Big Classic Teak Garden Bench

From £710.00

To £980.00

8ft Oxford Teak Garden Bench

From £715.00

To £985.00

Our garden benches are perfect for personal or commercial outdoor spaces.

We have a garden bench for you if you're looking for a decorative accent, an extra seating option, or a special place to sit and reflect.

Choosing a garden bench

Discover why garden benches are useful and how to implement these beautiful pieces into your outdoor space.

Space for reflection: 

A garden bench provides a peaceful and quiet space for reflection, meditation, or just enjoying the beauty of nature. It’s also why many dedicate special memorial benches to their loved ones.

Social area: 

Since you can accommodate multiple people simultaneously, benches are great for large gatherings and encouraging social interaction. Our park benches and sustainable school benches are great for providing ample social seating in public spaces.

Varied seating:

Adding a bench to your seating arrangement can be a great way to spruce up your outdoor decor. For example, our decorative benches and swing seats are excellent visual accents that bring new life into your outdoor space. 

With this in mind, explore our entire Teak, Swedish Redwood, Oak, Douglas Fir collection and recycled plastic benches. Don’t forget you can also customise your bench with a plaque or engraving to include a unique, personal touch!