Four Seater Garden Furniture Sets

The perfect four-seater garden furniture set is designed to accommodate all your special get-togethers, helping to create priceless memories.

Suitable for commercial or at-home use, these fabulous table and chair sets showcase the best of ethically sourced timber, as well as the unrivalled skills of great craftsmanship. 

Embrace sustainability as you explore our range of Teak, Douglas Fir, or Swedish Redwood designs, and choose from a selection of furniture that coincides with your lifestyle.

If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, why not assemble your own arrangement? Purchase garden tables and garden chairs separately and mix and match pieces that speak to your style. 

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1.2m Teak Circular Pedestal Table with 4 Marley Chairs

From £1,065.00

To £1,580.00

1.2m Teak Circular Folding Table with 2 Marley Chairs & 2 Marley Armchairs

From £1,065.00

To £1,570.00

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1.2m Teak Octagonal Folding Table with 2 Marley Chairs & 2 Marley Armchairs

From £1,065.00

To £1,570.00

1.2m Teak Circular Folding Table with 4 Marley Armchairs

From £1,105.00

To £1,610.00

San Francisco Teak Garden Set

From £1,240.00

To £1,830.00

Swedish Redwood Chunky Dining Table with 2 Backless Benches

From £1,380.00

To £2,365.00

1m Teak Circular Folding Table with 4 Harrogate Chairs

From £1,400.00

To £2,040.00

1.8m Douglas Fir Woodland Table with 4 Woodland Chairs

From £1,470.00

To £1,565.00

Douglas Fir Woodland Circular Table with 4 Woodland Armchairs

From £1,665.00

To £2,090.00

1.2m Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Open Slatted Dartmouth Table with 4 Donna Armchairs

From £1,695.00

To £1,790.00

1.6m Reclaimed Teak Open Slatted Dining Table with 4 Donna Chairs

From £1,720.00

To £1,815.00

1.2m Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Open Slatted Dartmouth Table with 4 Scandi Armchairs

From £1,815.00

To £1,910.00

1.5m Reclaimed Teak Root Garden Dining Table with 4 Latifa Dining Chairs

From £2,250.00

To £2,315.00

Complete your outdoor space with a four-seater garden furniture set.

Are you searching for that final missing piece that will tie your garden together? Consider a well-designed garden furniture set. 

It is the perfect centrepiece that will provide functionality and style, inviting you to spend more time outdoors.

Our spacious four-seater table and chair sets provide the perfect platform for hosting small-scale gatherings and creating cherished memories, bringing people together outside with ease. 


Find a furniture set that resonates with your lifestyle.

A great way to ensure you’re matched with the correct furniture is to consider how you will use it.

If you want your set to be a permanent fixture in your garden, patio or terrace, opt for a sturdy table with fixed chairs or benches.

For those who require a more flexible arrangement, look to sets with foldable chairs that can be packed away conveniently when necessary.

To indulge in pure relaxation, keep an eye out for reclining chairs that allow you to lounge and soak up the sun. Although, if you’re planning on basking in the rays, we recommend combining your purchase with a parasol to provide vital relief in the shade.